4 Critical Steps To Land A Job On Wall Street

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4 Critical Steps To Land A Job On Wall Street

After crafting the perfect email, you are ready to send your resume to the recruiter at your top NYC finance firms. As an ambitious grad, you’ve poured yourself into studying at your university the last four years and you’re ready to find your dream job!


With resumes sent, it appears that you can finally relax. Your dream job is just around the corner and you’re just waiting for the phone to start ringing. And then the call comes, congratulations, you got an interview on Wall Street!


Of course you want to work on Wall Street, it’s in one of the most lucrative growth industries. Now is the time to roll up your sleeves and get started on preparing to nail your interview!


Ambitious graduates looking to build a career as one of NYC’s movers and shakers must get their foot in the door. Here’s how:

  1. Stay abreast of micro and macro economic conditions to help you in your finance career. You’ll be making industry recommendations, so you need to be educated on the fundamentals of business and aware of current developments in the field in which you specialize.
  2. Being able to create financial models to predict future economic conditions means you’ll be a valued member of your Wall Street team.
  3. Know the fundamentals COLD: cash-flow statement, income statement and balance sheet. A way to set yourself apart is to know how each of these separate statements are related to each other.
  4. Share your skill set with the recruiter.  Even if you have your skills listed on your resume, it is important to also share these skills in the interview process. You need to make sure you demonstrate that you know how to calculate the discounted cash flow as this is a core skill for those looking to work on Wall Street.