Silicon Valley’s Most In-Demand Jobs Next Year

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Silicon Valley’s Most In-Demand Jobs Next Year

Everyday technology is changing. Every single day! If you think about it, the way we interact with all aspects of technology have changed drastically in just the last 10 years. And let’s not even think about how much the hardware has changed!  

Millennials’ needs will have to be addressed in new ways. Silicon Valley is trying to figure out the best ways to address these changes and will need ambitious grads (YOU!) to do the job.

Technology CEOs are already creating their priorities for next year. According to The Silicon Beat, CEOs are looking to further digitize their businesses, bring disruptive technologies to market, improve cyber security and develop human talent. Over the next year, the high paying jobs for ambitious graduates will be found in these areas.

Across the board, the most in-demand jobs will be for people who are able to help companies focus on and work for the customer. Your resume should highlight your training in creating a strong customer experience, whether that’s through your expertise in writing useful code, or through intuitive design sequences, or even crafting a great marketing collateral! Your extracurricular activities on your college campus may even prove helpful. Were you a university RA or had work-study as a administrative assistant? Having the ability to highlight your customer know-how in your job search will go far in pursuing a fruitful career in tech.

Sales jobs are the most abundant entry-level jobs for new, ambitious grads across the country and in most industries and tech is no different. In sales you learn all about your customer and how to best fulfill your customer’s needs.

With just about all internet users increasing the level of sharing they do of their personal information, many CEOs are looking to improve cyber security so they are able to protect consumer data. There are many government jobs that are also helping to increase online security.

In developing human talent (HR), CEOs will be putting money into training and educating their workforce. For some that may mean a return to school, for others it could be a shift to work from home or more training in a specific area.