Ambitious grads, just out of college are out to land their dream job (time to get paid after four years of being a broke college student!). The impending job search can seem endless!

There are tons of jobs in NYC on Wall Street and beyond, where ambitious graduates can get started in their career.

Rather than sitting at your computer for hours, searching the web aimlessly for jobs, here are 10 best NYC dream jobs to think about:

1. Marketing Manager

As a Wall Street Marketing Manager, you help drive the growth and perception of the company. You’ll be creating campaigns, developing strategies and producing your company’s messaging.

2. Sales Manager

You’ll implement strategies in sales, planning and forecasting. You’ll communicate with others and share your company’s mission with others.

3. Financial Manager

Financial Managers help drive performance and decision-making. You’ll craft strategies for the financial plan for your company.

4. Advertising and Promotions Manager

As an advertising and promotions manager, you’ll plan, direct, and coordinate advertising programs and events. You will also have the opportunity to produce materials, like posters, and giveaways for the entire organization.

5. Training and Development Manager

Technology CEOs are currently focused on human development. Training and development managers will help design programs to increase the knowledge and skills of an organization’s employees.

6. Public Relations

Media knowledge & account management skills are required as a public relations expert. You’ll need people-skills and know-how in a variety of media outlets.

7. Fundraising Managers

If you’re looking to get out and meet new people and help others at the same time, fundraising may be the employment path for you. The more money you bring in for the organization, the better your career can be.

8. Software Engineer

You’ll get to work with a team to build new products, create new features, fix bugs and help scale systems by writing high performance code. You get to be a part of the design process and build new things. Your work helps create a personalized experience for users.

9. Digital Marketing

Within digital marketing, you get to work closely with sales team to create and execute campaigns. Having excellent skills in editing and writing, as well as basic design like PowerPoint, Photoshop, and Illustrator is important. You’ll get to pitch, create and execute brand experiences, in a creative environment.

10. Virtual Executive Assistant

Getting to be the “face” of a company helps you make lots of contacts in Silicon Valley. The best part is that if you’re looking for one of those “work from home jobs,” this usually fits the bill! You’ll interact with all sorts of people on a daily basis and get to see the inner workings of a business. Proactive, independent self-starters are great for this type of position.