Getting your dream job right out of college may seem how it sounds, a dream. However, with a few simple steps, finding your dream job can become a reality.

Secure an internship during college

Internships have become an absolute necessity for many technology and finance recruiters. As a university student you are able to build your resume before you even start your job search. Internships also allow you to learn the inner workings of a company before you get hired. You’ll get an inside look at how the company operates and treats their employees. As an intern, you can try out a variety of companies by interning at different companies each summer.

If you are interested in tech internships you can do a quick search for tech internships and an array of companies who offer their own tech internships will pop-up. While in finance, internship recruiting usually happens on-campus.


Just because you are interested in working in tech or finance, doesn’t mean that you are exempt from networking. Ambitious grads know networking is one of the most important tools in securing job opportunities.

Many feel networking is superficial. However, networking leads to some big career moves for those who invest in their network. Creating genuine relationships with those experienced in your field will prove to be a rewarding endeavor.

A great place to get started with networking would be LinkedIn. If you find a potential mentor on LinkedIn, send them a message introducing yourself and ask to meet for coffee to talk about your job path. Another great way to meet new people in your field is your school’s career office or alumni programs. Professors are another great resource to build your network.

Find Your Dream Company

After interning at a few companies you have a better framework for what type of company where you want to work. Maybe there’s a company that stands out for you based on your values, or they have an amazing training programs. Do your research on the company and get to know everything you can about it. When you submit your resume, you’ll be ahead of the other graduates because you have a working knowledge of the company.

Ambitious graduates take the initiative to set up these interviews knowing that a job may not be the end result. However, you will get a new person to add to your network and may even end up with a trusted mentor!

Take the opportunity to conduct informational interviews which are used to learn about the company, open positions and how to put your best foot forward.

Informational Interviews

Informational interviews are an under-utilized tool in the job search arena. Successful informational interviews can give you a huge edge on the competition! If you have your dream company established and met with some of their key players, then email one of them and see if you can setup a time to come into their office to learn more about the inner workings of the company, ie. things you can’t find online. Things like: what are some future areas of growth the company is thinking about? How are they thinking about improving the performance of existing products? What are some of the internal pain points experienced by the employees?

Get a company reference for your application

Now that you’ve graduated from college, it’s time to start submitting resumes and perfecting your interview skills. When you submit an application reach out to those in your network that work at that company. Your goal here should be that your internal referrer will serve as an advocate for you and help move your application through the process.