For Ambitious Grads, investment banking and management consulting represent careers that provide opportunities to earn a lot of money right out of school, often with only a bachelor’s degree.

Investment banking and management consulting are like Quinoa and Guacamole (made with avocados). They both attract the elite, they both pay well, and they both involve some serious time commitments / academic achievements. So… which is right career for you?

Do You Want to Use Your numerical Skills? Choose Banking

Banker or Consultant, which one is better? Bankers are more analytical and more numbers driven. But consultants are better at communication, and finding the small details for the success of a company.

Do You Want a Non-Hierarchical Culture? Choose Consulting

An added bonus is that hierarchies in consulting firms are much less evident than in banking. You feel that the senior execs that you’re working for actually care about your personal development.  You just don’t get that type of feeling in banking.


Want a $100K+ job in i-banking or tech?

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