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About Ambitious Grads

At AmbitiousGrads, we come together because we want to solve a big problem in the job search & recruiting space. Advice is everywhere! Jobseekers don’t know which training programs to buy, what online content is most accurate, or even who to trust for honest advice. Competition is stiff for entry into competitive industries and it seems like the only way to overcome is to throw money at the problem (i.e. spend lots of time and money) or have the personal network of a member of the 1%!

We have created a business around making it easy for you to put your best foot forward. Our mission at AmbitiousGrads is to take the grunt work out of getting up to speed on competitive career fields. Today we provide the most comprehensive + affordable training guides for recent grads and mid-career job seekers. We want to make this content available to as many people as possible.

The Ultimate Guide to Wall Street & Silicon Valley Careers

$50 for E-Book that includes 200+ pages of content + an in-depth training guide for technical skills you need to know!